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Financial changes can be challenging for kids: Talk it out

When you and your spouse both make good money, it can make it harder to imagine going through divorce. After all, if you divorce, your income will decrease significantly. Even if you both make six figures, there will be a drop in how much you have available to you.

How can you manage custody of a toddler?

Trying to help a toddler adjust to changes in a routine can be hard, but it isn't impossible. As parents who are splitting up, you may not be sure of the best way to provide for your child. Is it a good idea to live separately and to transfer them back and forth? Is it possible to use your home as a "nest" and to share it with your ex-spouse while maintaining your own separate apartments for days when you don't have custody?

Work and custody: Get more time with your kids

There are situations in which neither parent is going to have the time to provide care for their child after a divorce. Instead of a two-parent system where one parent might work part-time or the parents may have schedules that don't conflict, divorced parents often find themselves working similar hours or days. If there's no way around that, it can mean that the children need care from a third party.