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Understand the ways you can seek a divorce in New York

Divorces are generally created as "no-fault" divorces in today's world. These divorces can take place whether there has been a fault or not. That means that you can seek a divorce for nearly any reason, with the most common being a marriage that is irretrievably broken.

Fortnite blamed for gaming disorders, divorces and illness

If you have problems in your marriage as a result of feeling left out or neglected, then video games could be at the center of your divorce. If that's the case, then a recent article discussing gaming addiction could be interesting to you.

3 myths about no-fault divorces

There are many myths about divorce that you should not believe if you are planning to go through one. While there may be a moral obligation and you are worried about exposing all of the things that went wrong, many things really don't matter to the court.

Being realistic will help you during your divorce

With any divorce, it can be hard to know how to handle the situation. You want what's best for yourself in the future, but you don't necessarily want to do it at your ex-partner's expense. Even if you both want to go your separate ways, it doesn't mean there's animosity or hatred between you.

What are the advantages of a no-fault divorce?

We hear the phrase "no-fault" in a lot of different legal contexts. For example, we hear the phrase when talking about no-fault car insurance, and in a family law context, we hear it when talking about no-fault divorces. But what is a no-fault divorce and what are its benefits? Essentially, a no-fault divorce doesn't seek to blame the break-up on the other spouse. Rather, it intends to leave the matter open and blameless.