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What are the advantages of a no-fault divorce?

We hear the phrase "no-fault" in a lot of different legal contexts. For example, we hear the phrase when talking about no-fault car insurance, and in a family law context, we hear it when talking about no-fault divorces. But what is a no-fault divorce and what are its benefits? Essentially, a no-fault divorce doesn't seek to blame the break-up on the other spouse. Rather, it intends to leave the matter open and blameless.

What are the main benefits of a prenup?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that marriage is just about love and emotional connection. Certainly, that's a huge part of it, but the reality is that marriage is a contractual legal agreement, as well. It can have a huge impact on your finances and your legal rights.

Discussing the ins and outs of spousal maintenance

If you and your spouse file for divorce, there will be many issues that you have to resolve before an agreement can be signed and approved by a court. Child custody and support will be at the top of the list if you have a son or daughter. Property division will be a major issue regardless of your circumstances. And in some cases, spousal maintenance may be involved in your divorce.

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