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Do you know everything to do when paying child support?

If you are ordered to start paying child support, you should know all the steps that you should follow to make sure you're protected if you ever need to change the payment amount or if you want to have the payments automatically withdrawn.

Man behind on support arrested with suspended license in New York

If you don't pay child support when it's owed, you can get into trouble with the law. Take, for example, a case out of New York. A man was arrested after he was caught with drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop; He was also behind on child support.

Child support in a well-off family: It's still for your kids

When you have a well-paying job, one of the last things you might have trouble with is being able to provide for your children. Still, if you go through a divorce and have primary custody, the other parent is likely to owe you support.

High-conflict parenting: Try these options for success

No one wants to go through a contentious divorce, but it happens. As you and your spouse do your best to get through a difficult time in your lives, you may have an additional struggle: your children. How, when you both can't stand one another, can you raise children together?

How do you prove abuse is taking place?

You love your children, but you do not love the way your ex-spouse treats them. You've long suspected that some abuse is taking place behind closed doors, but you see your children only a few times a month. As a result, even if they were harmed, it would be hard for you to know without them telling you directly.

Know the role of child support in your child's life

Child support can be used for many things, despite the fact that some people claim it should be used only for a child's direct needs. At the end of the day, children need many things from shelter to food to clothing. Each of these items is costly, and support is there to help the custodial parent buy those items.

Address parental alienation the moment it appears in your case

Parental alienation is a concern many parents have when they begin going through a divorce with children. They sometimes worry that their estranged spouse may be manipulating their children or doing things that make them appear "bad" or "evil" to their kids. Young children are particularly impressionable, sometimes turning their backs on the parents who have been made out to be dangerous or harmful to them.

Does child support double for each additional child?

As a parent with multiple children, one of your major concerns following divorce is how much money you'll have to provide in support. It's not easy to pay enough support for one child, and you know that you also have to pay additional for your second child.

Alternative dispute resolution can help you with custody concerns

It is important for two parents who have children together to be able to work together toward a common goal. Even if that goal is simply exchanging the child from one home to the other without disputes, that's a place to start.