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Know what to do if your teen wants changes in custody

When you're divorcing with children, it can be complicated, even if they're older. In some ways, it's more complicated to divorce with older kids because they have more say in what happens.

With younger children, they usually just go along with what you and your ex-spouse decide, but with young adults, like pre-teens and teens, they have a lot more to say. What can you do if they disagree with you? Should you really make them do everything you say in relation to custodial matters?

Young adults sometimes get a right to determine their own custody schedules

One thing you need to keep in mind is that your child will have more of a say in custody as they get older. A teenager, especially when an older teen, is going to be taken seriously when they talk about where they want to live and why. A judge realizes that older children understand their circumstances better and may have their own reasons for wanting changes in their custody schedules.

Parents need to be aware that teens may have wants that are different than their own. Although you may be satisfied with the current schedule, your teen may be looking for changes. If that's the case, and if the other parent or you seek a modification, your teen will have a chance to explain their position to the judge and to make their wishes known. Your attorney will give you more information if you believe your teen wants to change your current custody arrangements despite your reservations. Our site has more on this important topic.

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