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Relocating? Both parents should have a say

You were surprised when your ex-spouse announced that they were going to move for a new job opportunity. They already have a good job where they are, and you can't imagine what it would be like for your children to find out that the other parent is leaving.

That's when you realized that your ex-spouse wanted to take your kids, too. You share custody, and you can't believe that they'd be willing to pull your children out of school and move for a job that is so far away.

Can a parent relocate with their children after divorce?

Most of the time, that depends on the amount of custody they have, the custody arrangements and any court orders regarding how far you or your ex-spouse can move from your current home while taking your children with you. For most divorced families, there needs to be a discussion that takes place. You and your ex-spouse will need to talk about what the move means and how it will, or will not, benefit your children.

If you think the move is unnecessary and won't significantly benefit your children, then you can ask to keep them in your custody instead while the other parent moves. If they are not satisfied with that, you both can consider going through mediation to come up with a solution or turn to the judge to seek a modification of custody.

It's never easy to imagine your children being taken away, but you do have choices. Your attorney can help you find a way to make your concerns known.

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