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High-conflict parenting: Try these options for success

No one wants to go through a contentious divorce, but it happens. As you and your spouse do your best to get through a difficult time in your lives, you may have an additional struggle: your children. How, when you both can't stand one another, can you raise children together?

In a high-conflict situation like yours, one of the better things to agree to do is to go through counseling. In very few cases, it's necessary to remove children from one parent's care, but that's usually only reserved for the worst cases of neglect or abuse. In most other cases, the reality is that both people are good parents, but they're not good together in a relationship.

By entering into counseling, you're going to give yourselves the best chance at finding ways to resolve conflict instead of allowing those conflicts to grow. It's extremely important to focus on ways to maintain your composure and to reduce conflict when your child is present. It's one thing to argue on your own, but it's an entirely different situation to make your children upset by arguing in front of them.

Another thing you can try is a neutral drop-off point. If you and the other parent simply can't be civil, choosing a drop-off point, like a library or police station where there is a monitored waiting area, is a good choice. Doing this helps you limit your exposure to one another while still making sure your child sees the other parent often.

Every situation is different. Our site has more on what to do if you're involved in a high-conflict divorce.

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