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Child support in a well-off family: It's still for your kids

When you have a well-paying job, one of the last things you might have trouble with is being able to provide for your children. Still, if you go through a divorce and have primary custody, the other parent is likely to owe you support.

One missed child support payment or a delay may not be a problem for you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hold the other parent responsible for the support they owe.

What should you do if you don't think support is necessary?

If you and your spouse both earn similar amounts and feel that support is not necessary, it's possible that you can address that with the court. However, most judges will use state guidelines to determine who does or does not pay support. Support is not for you; it's there to support your children. If you or your spouse have to pay it and don't feel it's necessary, consider placing it into a trust fund or savings account for your child or children.

Child support is there to help children live as if both parents are in the home. It's there to provide funds for extracurricular events as well as to make sure your child always has access to the money needed for necessities such as clothing, a proper home and food.

Our site has more on child support and what you can do to make sure your child is supported by both parents. These situations are all unique, so you and your spouse should discuss how you'd like to move forward with the assistance of your attorneys.

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