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April 2019 Archives

Is your prenuptial agreement valid? Here's what you should know

If you have a prenuptial agreement in place, you may think that there is no way to counteract it. However, there are a few times when the court will ignore the agreement and determine a different outcome for your divorce.

Child support in a well-off family: It's still for your kids

When you have a well-paying job, one of the last things you might have trouble with is being able to provide for your children. Still, if you go through a divorce and have primary custody, the other parent is likely to owe you support.

High-conflict parenting: Try these options for success

No one wants to go through a contentious divorce, but it happens. As you and your spouse do your best to get through a difficult time in your lives, you may have an additional struggle: your children. How, when you both can't stand one another, can you raise children together?