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Divorces range based on city, suvey reports

One interesting thing to read about is how where you live and the people you're around could influence your relationship. A March 4 news article describes the divorce rates of the United States and where they're the highest.

Of Americans who are 15 or older, approximately 10.9 percent have been married and divorced but have not chosen to remarry. Another 2 percent are separated but not yet divorced.

Divorces happen for a variety of reasons, with infidelity as a leading cause as cited in the journal Couple Family Psychology, ranking as a cause of 59.6 percent of divorces. The major issue was a lack of commitment, marked down by 75 percent of participants. Other causes included marrying too young and arguing too often.

So, which cities are seeing fewer divorces? South Dakota's Yankton has a divorced population of only 14.1 percent. New York's Mattydale has a divorced population of 18.3 percent. These are low compared to Truth or Consequences in New Mexico, where the divorced population is 26.8 percent.

While remaining married doesn't necessarily mean that people don't want to get a divorce, what the statistics show is that people in certain cities may be more confident in their relationships. What is also obvious is that financial security also played a role in the decision to remain married or to seek a divorce, which can skew the numbers.

The reality is that divorces can happen anywhere, as seen by these statistics. If you're looking into getting one, it's a good idea to look closely at your legal options before you begin the process.

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