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March 2019 Archives

Are people entitled to spousal support when they earn less?

Spousal support can sometimes make the difference between being able to support yourself after a divorce and struggling to do so. However, some people don't have financial concerns after a divorce, and the likelihood of receiving spousal support is lower.

Work and custody: Get more time with your kids

There are situations in which neither parent is going to have the time to provide care for their child after a divorce. Instead of a two-parent system where one parent might work part-time or the parents may have schedules that don't conflict, divorced parents often find themselves working similar hours or days. If there's no way around that, it can mean that the children need care from a third party.

How do you prove abuse is taking place?

You love your children, but you do not love the way your ex-spouse treats them. You've long suspected that some abuse is taking place behind closed doors, but you see your children only a few times a month. As a result, even if they were harmed, it would be hard for you to know without them telling you directly.