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Teachers: Sometimes part of your custody discussions

Teachers sometimes get caught in the middle of custody disputes between parents. As a parent, it's important for you to understand that any teacher involved in your child's life is going to be on your child's side, not yours or your ex-spouse's.

The goal of any good teacher is to make sure your child is protected and safe. This includes reporting signs of abuse, neglect or trouble in the home. The teacher will likely know about your divorce, and they may even be asked to testify about your involvement in your child's life.

No teacher really wants to get caught in the middle of your divorce, but the school will have to make sure they follow the laws regarding your parenting plan. This parenting plan should be easy to understand, so that the faculty can better provide services to your child.

For example, if you have custody of your child from Monday through Friday and do not want the other parent to remove them from the school at any time without your permission, this needs to be clearly stated and the school has to be informed. The staff then has the ability to guarantee that your child is protected against the other parent's unexpected arrival or attempts to remove them from the school.

If there is a conflict at the school, having a clear plan in place makes it easier for the staff or individual teacher to testify regarding the matter. This could help you protect your child and keep them safe, even when they're not directly in your care.

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