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Know the role of child support in your child's life

Child support can be used for many things, despite the fact that some people claim it should be used only for a child's direct needs. At the end of the day, children need many things from shelter to food to clothing. Each of these items is costly, and support is there to help the custodial parent buy those items.

Support doesn't only have to go to a child's direct activities or needs, though. It can also be used to rent a better apartment or to purchase furniture for better living conditions. It can be used for extracurricular activities and for medical expenses. Essentially, support can be used for almost anything.

Child support is paid to help offset the burden of child care costs. That means that it's raising the income of the parent with a lower income or of the parent who takes care of the children more often. Even if you aren't seeing the support go directly to a child, that doesn't mean it's not being used for their benefit. It is designed as an additional income to help the parent get the child all they need to thrive in a healthy, safe environment.

Parents who don't pay support on time reduce the ability of their child to have as much as they would in a two-parent household. It's not fair, and it puts a strain on the primary caregiver. Our site has more on child support and what you should expect if you are asked to pay it or expect to receive it. This is a benefit that should be present in most cases involving children and separated or divorced parents.

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