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Is it worth proving a fault in divorce?

When you know that your spouse has wronged you, you may wish to take it out on them through a divorce. However, it's important to know how seriously alleging a fault is taken and if it's really worth the trouble. In many cases, being able to prove a fault isn't going to do much in itself other than speed up the divorce process. However, if you have enough evidence, accusing your significant other of a fault and entering into a fault-based divorce could work out in your favor as you divide your assets.

As an example, imagine how offended you would be to find out that your spouse had cheated on you. Your savings account is drained, and you realize that the late nights at the office were all spent out with your spouse's mistress. As a result, there are fewer assets to go around, which is infuriating (to say the least).

Being able to prove that your spouse was taking their money and your own and spending it on another person in an extramarital affair could help your property settlement agreement significantly. You'll have more power when you negotiate if you can prove that your spouse was taking advantage of you and your finances.

This is just a single example of how proving a fault could help in your case. It can lead to disputes, and your spouse does have a chance to deny the allegations. However, if you can prove what you say is true, it can be a great negotiating tool for you when you go to court.

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