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February 2019 Archives

Fault-based or no-fault divorce? Which is better?

In many cases, people choose to enter into no-fault divorces. They decide that it's fair because while one person might have been more to blame than another, both parties contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.

Know the role of child support in your child's life

Child support can be used for many things, despite the fact that some people claim it should be used only for a child's direct needs. At the end of the day, children need many things from shelter to food to clothing. Each of these items is costly, and support is there to help the custodial parent buy those items.

Is it worth proving a fault in divorce?

When you know that your spouse has wronged you, you may wish to take it out on them through a divorce. However, it's important to know how seriously alleging a fault is taken and if it's really worth the trouble. In many cases, being able to prove a fault isn't going to do much in itself other than speed up the divorce process. However, if you have enough evidence, accusing your significant other of a fault and entering into a fault-based divorce could work out in your favor as you divide your assets.