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How can you successfully navigate co-parenting?

Life after divorce can be complicated, especially when you are a parent. If you and your ex decided to co-parent, this can be even more complex. Co-parenting involves a lot of communication, compromise and thought. How can parents successfully navigate the complicated world of co-parenting? Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Perhaps the largest part of successful co-parenting comes from successful communication. In fact, all the other elements in these tips all stem from successful communication. Having a solid method for communication can help you navigate some of the more difficult parts of co-parenting and help you create the best experience for your children.

Though you may not want to have required conversation with your ex, it is a crucial part of co-parenting. You may want to establish what the best method of communication is for you and your child’s other parent. This could be via email, text message or phone calls. You will also want to determine when and how often you communicate.

Having a solid plan for communication will only help your children and your co-parenting situation.


Decision-making is another important part of co-parenting. As parents you need to make many choices about your children’s lives. This can include choices about education, religion and medical care. It can also include smaller-scale decisions such as where your children get their hair cut or how much screen-time they are allowed every day.

Parenting plan

Both of these parts can be included in your parenting plan, which is incredibly crucial in successful co-parenting. Having a parenting plan that outlines and dictates the important aspects of parenting can help provide structure for your children.

Along with guidelines for communication and decision-making, you will want to include a parenting schedule and many other important elements in the plan.

Co-parenting can be difficult, but it is worth it to put in the work to create a healthy environment for your children. Though it may feel like a lot of work, at times, there are many ways you can make the experience simpler for both you and your children.

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