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Address parental alienation the moment it appears in your case

Parental alienation is a concern many parents have when they begin going through a divorce with children. They sometimes worry that their estranged spouse may be manipulating their children or doing things that make them appear "bad" or "evil" to their kids. Young children are particularly impressionable, sometimes turning their backs on the parents who have been made out to be dangerous or harmful to them.

If you are worried about parental alienation, you're not alone. Many good parents are concerned that they'll lose contact with their children or be villainized during the divorce. It isn't fair to have to worry about that.

If you do have this concern, it's important to bring it up with your attorney. Keep in mind that you will need to have some evidence or reasoning for worrying about this kind of brainwashing. For example, if every time your child returns from the other parent's home results in name-calling, violence or accusations from your child, there may be something going on that is causing them to act out in that way. It's worth looking into because young minds are easily influenced and shouldn't be told what to believe or made to believe things that aren't true.

Judges look into the reasoning behind why a child acts out against one parent over the other, and it's usually fairly obvious when a parent is manipulating their children to say or do certain things. If this is happening in your case, your attorney can help you protect yourself and your children from further harm by the other parent.

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