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December 2018 Archives

What should you do before you seek a divorce?

Before you decide to get a divorce, there are some questions you should ask yourself. You don't want to rush into a divorce, because doing so could mean that you haven't really thought through the implications. You may face financial issues or find that a divorce isn't the solution you thought it would be.

Alternative dispute resolution can help you with custody concerns

It is important for two parents who have children together to be able to work together toward a common goal. Even if that goal is simply exchanging the child from one home to the other without disputes, that's a place to start.

Choose the type of divorce you want based on the facts

One of the most common questions attorneys are asked when clients come to them seeking divorce is, "Is a no-fault or at-fault divorce better?" Both types of divorce can be beneficial in some cases, but deciding on which to use may come down to your personal preference.

Tips to make joint custody work

Most divorced parents in New York have joint custody of their children. They share parenting time and responsibilities, which allows both parents to continue playing a role in their child's life.