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Exploring the idea of virtual visitation

Determining a visitation schedule for your family can be challenging. It might come to the point where you need to have the court create a schedule for custody. Both parents might not be satisfied with the court's decision but it must be followed. One way to help the noncustodial parent cope with not seeing their child daily is to explore the idea of virtual visitation.

First off, what is virtual visitation? Virtual visitation is exactly what you are likely thinking. It is the ability to speak with and see your child using technology. The forms of technology available for virtual visitation include the following:

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Social media
  • Video chat
  • Instant messages
  • Phone calls

Courts that award some form of virtual visitation in a child custody arrangement make it known that this form of visitation should never replace physical custody. A child will benefit from speaking with their other parent daily but will benefit more from actually seeing their other parent and physically interacting with them every so often.

What can a parent do during virtual visitation? A parent will be able to read a child a bedtime story, help with homework, talk about the child's day, answer questions, tell stories, laugh, tell jokes and so much more. Virtual visitation helps noncustodial parents stay up-to-date with their children when they are living far away, traveling or simply cannot see them often.

Virtual visitation won't be the answer for every child custody situation but it's something you should look into before moving in another direction. This option is becoming more and more popular these days, giving noncustodial parents a new method to interact with their children.

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