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Calculate estimated child support with New York's calculator

If you or your spouse will need to pay child support, it's normal to use New York's child Support calculator. This support calculator determines the expected amount of support to be paid based on the noncustodial parent's gross annual income before deductions. The calculator also allows you to input how many children are being supported.

How much support you'll pay is based on these factors and others. Here's what you might end up paying based on your income.

Child support calculations for $50,000

For a parent with one child to support and a $50,000 salary, annual support is listed as $7,650 in the New York guidelines. This is only an estimate, though, since the circumstances of the family could affect the overall bill. For two children, the amount is $11,250. It is not the same amount per child, since there are many parts of the payment that would support both children, like if the payment helps pay for rent.

Child support for $75,000 and two children

If a person earns $75,000 and has two children to support, the estimate is $16,875. For one child, the amount would be around $11,475 yearly.

How often is support paid?

Child support is paid weekly, biweekly, bimonthly or monthly depending on the family's situation. Some people may be paid monthly or irregularly, which is why a monthly or bimonthly payment system might benefit kids.

With child support, getting the calculation right matters. With the right support, children can grow up with the financial support they would likely have had if their parents had stayed together.

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