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Cardiologist allegedly flees country to avoid child support

Child custody and support are both things that could become complicated during your divorce. You or your spouse may need to pay support even if you share time with your children evenly.

People sometimes go to extremes to avoid paying support, as in this case reported on Oct. 8. A cardiologist has been named "Most Wanted Deadbeat" by a federal agency after he allegedly fled the country to Israel to avoid paying $2,500 a month in child support. He has not paid since 1994, according to the story.

The custodial parent, who lives in New York, has not received any financial aid from the parent since the initial 1994 missed child support payment. The man now has a bill, with interest, that exceeds $4 million. He is at-large and could be arrested. He has an arrest warrant issued against him and was indicted in 2008. It's believed that he does return to the United States on and off again so that he can continue his medical practice.

As you can see, not sticking to your obligations is a serious offense. You could be arrested or face interest on payments you miss, leading to serious penalties and financial losses.

If a parent is not paying the support that is owed, it's possible to have the individual indicted and charged with a crime. For most parents, the most important issue at hand is getting the support they need. Your attorney can help you pursue the other parent if they are not paying what they owe. It takes two people to create a child, and they should be responsible.

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