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Age-appropriate visitation should be a goal for all parents

As your child ages, you may be aware that your custody schedule may need to change. When children are young, they have much different needs than when they grow older. They become more independent as they age, making it possible to adjust your custody arrangements to better suit your growing child.

After a divorce, it's important to set up age-appropriate visitation schedules. This means that a baby may need to be with the mother more often for nursing and care, while a toddler may be able to split time with both parents evenly. Teens may have their own opinions on what they want to do, and with newfound independence, be less likely to see either parent the majority of the time.

How to set up visitation as your child ages

As your child ages, they become more able to handle the changes that come with moving from home to home. While very young children need stability and routine, older children adjust to different routines in varied households.

It is important for both parents to participate in school-age activities with their children, as this is a social contact that children thrive on throughout elementary and middle school.

Keep in mind that not all children are the same. You and the other parent should be willing to adjust a visitation schedule when needed to suit the age of your child and their behaviors. If they become homesick for one parent or the other, decrease the time they're away until they're a little older and better able to adjust to the change in locations.

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