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October 2018 Archives

New York: Residency requirements in a no-fault divorce

If your marriage is no longer working to the benefit of you or your spouse, you may wish to turn to a divorce. In New York, couples typically opt for a no-fault divorce. This means that neither you nor your spouse has to be blamed for the ending of the marriage. Instead, you can simply say that the marriage has broken down and is impossible to repair.

Understand the ways you can seek a divorce in New York

Divorces are generally created as "no-fault" divorces in today's world. These divorces can take place whether there has been a fault or not. That means that you can seek a divorce for nearly any reason, with the most common being a marriage that is irretrievably broken.

Age-appropriate visitation should be a goal for all parents

As your child ages, you may be aware that your custody schedule may need to change. When children are young, they have much different needs than when they grow older. They become more independent as they age, making it possible to adjust your custody arrangements to better suit your growing child.