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Fortnite blamed for gaming disorders, divorces and illness

If you have problems in your marriage as a result of feeling left out or neglected, then video games could be at the center of your divorce. If that's the case, then a recent article discussing gaming addiction could be interesting to you.

This is a captivating story about how a game could become a problem that breaks down a marriage. A game called Fortnite has been blamed for divorces, addiction and other mental health issues. In fact, you're not alone if it has been a problem in your marriage.

The game is a top choice for players in the Battle Royal genre. Players end up on an island and hunt their opponents while building shelters to hide in and walls to hide behind. Like most games, it is fun when people are playing it. However, it can have a devastating effect on personal relationships.

Since January 2018, the game, Fortnite: Battle Royale, has been in up to 200 divorce petitions in the United States. Many people who play it say it takes over their lives, hindering their relationships.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that "gaming disorder" should be included as a type of illness in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The disorder can lead to addiction, excessive gaming, damaged eyesight and sleep deprivation.

The game is also accused of exposing children to violent acts and inspiring them to become violent themselves. Fortunately, the University of York previously performed a research study and found no link between playing violent video games and committing violent acts.

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