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3 myths about no-fault divorces

There are many myths about divorce that you should not believe if you are planning to go through one. While there may be a moral obligation and you are worried about exposing all of the things that went wrong, many things really don't matter to the court.

Understanding exactly what does and does not affect your case is important. Here is a little bit more about three divorce myths that you should understand the truth about.1. Divorce is easy and only requires you signing documents

A lot of people understand that there are documents to be signed during a divorce, but they may not understand that a divorce is actually a lawsuit. You have to get the state involved, which means that it doesn't matter if the divorce is amicable or not. In either case, the court will be involved in some way.

2. Finding fault matters

Sometimes, finding fault can help you show how you have been wronged in your marriage, but it won't necessarily matter to the court depending on what it is. Probably the biggest misconception is that proving that the other person cheated is enough to turn the court in your favor. The reality is that most divorces are not based on fault, so it doesn't matter who did something wrong.

3. Hiding your assets helps you keep more

Finally, hiding your assets is never a good idea. In fact, it can make you lose more then you would have otherwise. You want the court to see you as an honest person, and hiding your assets is not the way to do that.

Divorce is hard, but your attorney can help you get through it. Our site has more on what to expect.

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