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New York child support guidelines: How do they apply to your case

As someone who cares for a child as a single parent or guardian, it's your right to seek child support. Not everyone is eligible to seek support, but for those who are, it can be a vital income for a child's care.

There are some rules in place that determine who can seek child support.

Who is eligible to seek child support?

Anyone who is a parent or nonparent of a child under the age of 21 who is acting as a guardian may seek child support. This person is the custodial parent of the child and considered as such in a case, even if they are not a biological parent. New York does offer "Safety Net Assistance," which is temporary support for the child if you qualify based on income.

If you are the child of a relationship, you can seek child support yourself if you are under the age of 21. Additionally, noncustodial parents may also apply for support services in some cases.

How is child support determined in New York?

The state primarily uses percentage-based guidelines. For a parent with one child, the parent should pay 17 percent. For two children, it's 25 percent of the combined parental income. For additional children, the percentages continue to rise. These guidelines do not apply to all cases and will not apply when the parents' combined income exceeds $136,000. If you and your spouse or ex-spouse earn more than this, the court will determine whether or not to use the guidelines in your case.

If a parent has a low income and falls below the federal poverty level, the child support assumed is $25 each month. When the income is below the self-support reserve, it's $50 each month.

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