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Does military work hurt your chance of custody?

Child custody is a concern that many couples deal with during divorce. While it might seem simple to decide where a child will live or who provides the best care, it's not always that easy. Sometimes, the parents no longer get along, and other times, there are factors like aggression or abuse to consider. If one parent travels, is in the military or if there are concerns about siblings or stepsiblings, these are all things that have to be discussed before child custody arrangements are made.

In your case, you're worried that your deployment might lead to questions about your ability to parent. You'll be deployed in the future for at least a year, but you have little knowledge on what to expect beyond that. Does that guarantee you'll lose custody?

No, but it is something that makes it harder to guarantee it, too. The court cannot consider your employment in the military when determining if you're a fit parent, but time is still an issue. If you are not in the country regularly or deploy to a dangerous area, then it makes sense that your child would likely do better in a more stable home environment. However, if you're stationed in the same country while working a relatively typical job, then there is a potential to argue for custody.

What the courts will do to decide on military custody arrangements, if you and your spouse can't come up with them on your own, is look at what situation would be best for your child. It's typically encouraged to continue to share custody when possible. Our site has more on this sensitive topic.

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