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August 2018 Archives

How to approach the topic of divorce with kids

Any married couple in New York who decides the relationship is no longer in their best interest faces the difficulties of sharing that decision with those in their lives. For parents, breaking this news to children can be one of the most difficult conversations. However, it’s also a critically important conversation which deserves time and care to prepare to share this news.

Getting to know legal and physical custody arrangements

If you're a parent going through a custody battle, then it is in your best interests to understand the kinds of custody a judge could award and what they mean for your situation. There are two forms of custody in New York, physical and legal.

Being realistic will help you during your divorce

With any divorce, it can be hard to know how to handle the situation. You want what's best for yourself in the future, but you don't necessarily want to do it at your ex-partner's expense. Even if you both want to go your separate ways, it doesn't mean there's animosity or hatred between you.

New York child support guidelines: How do they apply to your case

As someone who cares for a child as a single parent or guardian, it's your right to seek child support. Not everyone is eligible to seek support, but for those who are, it can be a vital income for a child's care.

Does military work hurt your chance of custody?

Child custody is a concern that many couples deal with during divorce. While it might seem simple to decide where a child will live or who provides the best care, it's not always that easy. Sometimes, the parents no longer get along, and other times, there are factors like aggression or abuse to consider. If one parent travels, is in the military or if there are concerns about siblings or stepsiblings, these are all things that have to be discussed before child custody arrangements are made.