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What steps should you take to get a child support modification?

It feels good when you're able to make child support payments in full and on time. You know that the money you're paying is helping your child live a better life.

Conversely, if you're unable to make payments as expected, it can take a toll on your finances and mental state.

There could come a point when you need to request a child support modification. As the name suggests, this is nothing more than asking the court to reconsider the amount of money you pay in support.

Here are five tips to help you do so with success:

  • Don't delay: You need to act fast, as the court doesn't know anything is wrong until you tell them.
  • Learn more: Focus on what it takes to not only request a child support modification, but to have it approved.
  • Talk to the other parent: Depending on the situation, the other person may agree to a child support modification, thus improving your chance of court approval.
  • Show why you need it: It's not good enough to say that you need a child support modification. You need to document and present your change in circumstances.
  • File your request: Doing this sooner rather than later will give you a clear idea of what will come next.

You hope that you never have to request a child support modification, but if you do it's a must to follow the right steps.

If you can prove that your financial situation has changed for the worse, you may receive court order that allows you to pay less (at least for the time being).

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