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These common events may lead you to divorce

The reason for divorce is not always dramatic. You may simply go through a life event that a lot of people experience, but it pulls your marriage apart. When you look back at it, you realize that it was the breaking point.

Below are a few life events that people have linked to divorce in the past:

  • Having a child: Children take a lot of time and attention. This means that the time and attention put into the marriage may decrease. Children can also create stress. In some cases, especially if one spouse did not want children to start with, it ends the relationship.
  • Getting sick: A serious illness can turn a happy marriage into a difficult relationship full of stress and obligations. It can bring on serious financial challenges. Some spouses simply are not up to it. This is especially true for chronic issues that will not fully heal.
  • Employment changes: Money is often linked to divorce, and job changes can significantly alter a couple's financial situation. Job loss can lead to stress, arguments and divorce.
  • Spending too much time apart: It is hard for a relationship to last when two people do not see each other often enough. This could be due to extensive business travel, for instance, or a career in the military. Couples may be able to make it work for a while, but many of them drift apart over time.

No matter why your marriage begins to head toward divorce, it is critical that you understand all of your legal rights and what steps you need to take during this chapter of your life.

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