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Work with your ex when choosing a babysitter

You and your ex share custody of your kids. Not only does this mean that you get the kids every other week, but you both have a right to make big decisions in their lives -- where they get medical care, where they go to school, etc.

One day, while you have custody of the kids, you decide to go out with your friends. You hire a babysitter, a girl who lives down your street. You leave her with the children and think nothing of it.

While that may be all right depending on the specifics of your divorce agreement, keep in mind that your ex may want to have a say in who watches his or her children. You may not be able to make this decision on your own. Many couples include in their divorce agreements that they will work with each other to pick nannies, babysitters, day care centers and the like.

After all, the children's safety and well-being is at stake. What if you pick someone you ex does not approve of? Experts warn that failing to consult with your ex when you are legally required to do so can lead to legal action. For instance, your ex may claim that you violated the court order, and he or she may then try to get full custody of the kids.

It is very important to understand all of your legal obligations and requirements after a divorce. Do not take anything for granted. Even if you do not necessarily enjoy talking to your ex, do it when it is in the children's best interests.

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