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Factors considered in child custody you might not know about

Child custody cases can be complicated and hard to navigate. There are often many unknown factors at work that determine who gets what kind of custody, and the decision-making process might not be obvious.

All child custody cases are determined by considering the child’s “best interests.” But what exactly does that mean? What goes into the decision?

Here are some factors that are usually considered in child custody decisions, some of which you might not have considered before:

Childs interests and activities

Preserving your child’s hobbies, interests, activities and social circle is well within the realm of their best interests. Courts will often take these into consideration when deciding custody cases. If your child can keep their current friends and extracurricular activities based on certain custody circumstances, chances are the courts will rule in favor of that.

Vacation time

Similarly, courts sometimes consider the school vacation schedule of children when thinking about custody. Vacation schedules may factor into when you or your spouse gets custody or visitation.

Importance of religion

Religion is another part in a court’s decision. Preserving religious instruction and ties is often an important part of a child custody decision.

However, if parents agree on religious matters or can compromise, a court can make a decision without factoring in religion.

These are just a few of the factors that can be taken into consideration when figuring out custody of your child. There are many other aspects that can be taken into account and circumstances might be different in each case.

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