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Mothers pay child support and alimony more often these days

It used to be that alimony and child support were almost always paid by men to women. However, reports show that trends have changed in recent years, and mothers are paying both child support and alimony more often.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) discovered this information after giving out a survey to lawyers who work these cases. The survey revealed that 45 percent of them had seen women pay alimony more often over the last three years alone. It also found that 54 percent had seen the same type of change when it comes to child support.

Some experts have pointed to a change in working roles within the family. Traditionally, men worked while women took care of the children, or men at least earned more while women worked in lower-paying jobs and part-time jobs. When divorce struck, this meant that women were dependent on their husbands financially, and so men were ordered to pay.

These days, though, women are far more equal in the workforce than they used to be, these experts noted, and they often hold higher-paying jobs. In more cases, men stay home to take care of the kids or they count on their wives financially, as the family's main breadwinner.

For those who still believe this is uncommon, Pew Research found that mothers count as their family's primary breadwinners in a full 40 percent of marriages across the country. While things have not quite hit the 50/50 ratio yet, they're far closer than a lot of people realize.

This is why it is so important for both men and women to know all of their legal rights during a divorce.

Source: Moneyish, "More women are now paying alimony and child support," Meera Jagannathan\, May 17, 2018

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