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Do mothers miss child support payments more than fathers?

Mothers or fathers can be ordered to pay child support. Despite the old cliche that fathers pay support while mothers get custody and raise the children, modern courts do not take gender into account that heavily. If a father gets custody, a mother could certainly be ordered to make those monthly payments.

One thing that is very interesting is that studies have found that mothers are actually more likely not to pay than fathers. There's another old cliche of the "deadbeat dad," but this shows that a child can also have a deadbeat mom. The problem isn't gender-specific. It's just that parents often don't want to pay to support their own children.

For instance, one study found that 25.1 percent of mothers with custody never got any of the support money they were owed. However, that same study noted that 32 percent of fathers with custody got nothing at all.

Certainly, there are more fathers who have to pay support. When looking at parents with custody, a mere 18.3 percent of them were fathers. That suggests that the 25.1 percent is a larger total amount of unpaid support than the 32 percent. However, using percentages to make things equal, it is clear that fathers with custody are facing the same nonpayment issues as mothers with custody.

Regardless of your gender, if you are not getting paid the money that you deserve, you know all about the financial strain this creates. Be sure that you understand all of your rights and the legal options that you have moving forward. Always focus on your child's best interests; getting those payments certainly can improve his or her quality of life.

Source: FiveThirtyEight, "Are Moms Less Likely Than Dads To Pay Child Support?," Mona Chalabi, accessed March 02, 2018

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