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10 things your parenting plan may need to address

Your parenting plan is a way for you and your ex to officially agree on how you'll raise your children together. It can be created along with your child custody agreement, and it gives you both guidelines to follow. Since you'll be living apart, this plan makes it easier to cooperate and raise the children in a consistent environment, no matter whose home they are at.

Below are 10 things you may want to include in the plan:

  1. Religious expectations. What religion do you expect the children to grow up in and when do you expect them to go to services?
  2. Sports. Are there sports you do not want your children to play?
  3. Vaccinations. Which ones do you want the children to get?
  4. Internet use. Do you want your children to have unchecked access to the internet, social medial and everything else?
  5. Cellphone use. Do you even want your children to get cellphones? If so, at what age?
  6. Curfews. Do they have a set time when they need to be home or a strict bedtime?
  7. Approved methods of discipline. What methods don't you want your ex to ever use?
  8. Tattoos and piercings. A parent typically has to sign off for children under 18, so you need to be on the same page.
  9. Guidelines for other visitors and babysitters. Who do you want around your children?
  10. Medication use. What medications should the children get? Make sure you both fully understand their medical histories and allergies.

As you design your parenting plan, make sure you are well aware of all of your legal rights and what options you have.

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