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Four ways to protect your credit from a bitter ex

You’ve divorced from your sweetheart and you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life. Your ex, however, is not ready and seems to be out to sabotage you and your finances.

But with a little legwork and patience, you can quickly regain control of your assets and debts and keep them away from a would-be sabotager.

Here are a few steps that you can take to prevent your ex from crippling your credit.

Overhaul your passwords

Access to any of your digital accounts could give an ex the opportunity to access and manage your finances. You might want to consider changing all of your passwords (and the security questions) frequently -- even if you don’t think your ex ever knew them.

Get your credit report

Before putting a freeze on your credit you may want to check your credit report. Does everything look how it should? If everything looks okay for now, it still might not be a bad idea to monitor your report monthly so that you can address any future issues as they arise.

Consider closing joint accounts

If your ex doesn’t feel like paying the bills on the joint accounts - - even if a judge has ordered it -- creditors will still hold you responsible. By closing joint accounts you can be sure that no additional debt builds up leaving you stuck with the bill and a lower credit score,

Retitle your assets

Co-mingling assets during a marriage can be convenient but separating them in a divorce is no easy task. If you own joint real estate you may want to consult with a financial analyst or an attorney to see if you should remove your ex’s name off the loan, deed to the house or refinance any mortgages. 


If you’re leaving the marriage with a broken heart that doesn’t mean you have to leave with broken credit. By regaining control of your accounts you can leave the marriage with peace of mind and get a fresh start on your finances.

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