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Discussing the ins and outs of spousal maintenance

If you and your spouse file for divorce, there will be many issues that you have to resolve before an agreement can be signed and approved by a court. Child custody and support will be at the top of the list if you have a son or daughter. Property division will be a major issue regardless of your circumstances. And in some cases, spousal maintenance may be involved in your divorce.

Determining spousal maintenance can be complicated, but there are a few factors that will be considered. The health of the spouses plays a role, as does the length of the marriage. You can also expect the financial potential of the two spouses to be considered, as well as the overall length of time the spousal maintenance should last.

If spousal maintenance is awarded, then the best step you can take once it is implemented is to remain organized and record every payment that is made or received. Without a record, you could be in a tough position should any litigation come up regarding your spousal maintenance.

What this means is you should keep and update an electronic document that shows the dates of any payments and what address was used to send/receive the payment. You should also list the check number, the bank used, the type of account the check draws from, and the account number. If a check is not used, make a hand-made receipt and have both parties sign it to denote the exchange of cash for the spousal maintenance payment.

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