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How can you manage custody of a toddler?

Trying to help a toddler adjust to changes in a routine can be hard, but it isn't impossible. As parents who are splitting up, you may not be sure of the best way to provide for your child. Is it a good idea to live separately and to transfer them back and forth? Is it possible to use your home as a "nest" and to share it with your ex-spouse while maintaining your own separate apartments for days when you don't have custody?

Everyone who goes through a divorce with a toddler has questions like yours. Fortunately for most parents, children do adjust quickly. Explaining that they'll see mom or dad on certain days might be a little complicated to remember at that age, but telling them in the morning that today is a "dad day" or "mom day" can help your child get into the right frame of mind and prepare for the transfer of custody.

Do you know everything to do when paying child support?

If you are ordered to start paying child support, you should know all the steps that you should follow to make sure you're protected if you ever need to change the payment amount or if you want to have the payments automatically withdrawn.

For example, did you know that you can set up withholdings for child support? If you do that, your child support will be taken directly from your paychecks, so you don't have to worry about making payments yourself.

No-fault divorces come with their own benefits

If you are going through a divorce, you may choose to go through a no-fault divorce. In a no-fault divorce, the idea is that neither of you is to blame for separating. Instead, both of you take on some responsibility for the marriage ending.

A no-fault divorce is beneficial because you don't have to prove that anyone did anything wrong. You may have just grown apart over time. It's possible that you simply don't like your spouse any longer. Regardless, there may be no wrongdoing to blame.

Know what to do if your teen wants changes in custody

When you're divorcing with children, it can be complicated, even if they're older. In some ways, it's more complicated to divorce with older kids because they have more say in what happens.

With younger children, they usually just go along with what you and your ex-spouse decide, but with young adults, like pre-teens and teens, they have a lot more to say. What can you do if they disagree with you? Should you really make them do everything you say in relation to custodial matters?

Man behind on support arrested with suspended license in New York

If you don't pay child support when it's owed, you can get into trouble with the law. Take, for example, a case out of New York. A man was arrested after he was caught with drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop; He was also behind on child support.

The 35-year-old man was pulled over for a faulty taillight, but a quick check by police found that his license had already been suspended due to failing to pay child support. his license had also been suspended in Florida for failing to come to court.

Spousal maintenance: It has an important role

Spousal maintenance is another way to say alimony. Alimony is a type of support paid to one spouse following the end of a marriage.

Spousal maintenance is important. Why? It's how one spouse makes sure they have enough money to support themselves after the end of their marriage. That spouse may have stayed at home to parent their children or put their career on the back burner while their spouse advanced theirs.

Cope with your divorce with these 3 helpful tips

A divorce can be devastating to the spouse who didn't see it coming. In your case, it was you. You thought your spouse seemed to be drifting lately, but you believed they were tired from work. Now, you're aware that they've been staying late to visit their lawyers' offices and to make sure they're prepared for the divorce ahead of you.

It's devastating to believe that your spouse wouldn't talk to you about being unhappy before turning to a divorce, so you'd like to contest it. Trying to contest the divorce won't stop it, though. In many cases, even those who do go through couples counseling or mediation end up going through a divorce.

A good parenting plan can help your child after divorce

With any child custody case, it's everyone's job to make sure the child or children are put first. Their lives rely on the decisions of the adults around them.

This is why it's so important to work out a parenting plan with your ex-spouse. Even if you two are at odds, you need to do what you can to be positive around your child. Providing a stable home environment, even across two households, is essential to your child's life.

Can you have custody arrangements in a prenuptial agreement?

With prenuptial agreements, there are some things you can and cannot do. One of the things you're unable to do is to include your child's custody plan ahead of time.

There are a few good reasons for this. The first reason is that you may not have children at the time of writing the prenuptial agreement, so setting up a custody plan doesn't make sense and isn't based on your child's needs.

Empower yourself with the right legal team during divorce

It is empowering to know that your divorce is going as expected, or, at the very least, in a positive manner. You want to know that you won't have to worry about child custody issues in the future and that your financial stability will be intact after all is said and done.

Every divorce has several issues that will need to be addressed. Some of these include:

  • Child custody
  • Parenting plans
  • Property division
  • Taxes
  • Spousal support