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What are the main benefits of a prenup?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that marriage is just about love and emotional connection. Certainly, that's a huge part of it, but the reality is that marriage is a contractual legal agreement, as well. It can have a huge impact on your finances and your legal rights.

That's why many people turn to prenuptial agreements. They may not be romantic, but they can help protect you in a legal and financial sense if the marriage falls apart and ends up in divorce. Some of the benefits of a prenup include the following:

  • It can protect your assets if you're getting married later in life and you already have significant wealth to your name.
  • It can protect a business that you own to make sure that the divorce isn't going to ruin you professionally.
  • It can give you peace of mind if you're entering into your second marriage, having already seen what divorce can do.
  • It can protect you from debts that are incurred by your spouse. This could be useful if your spouse is starting a business or going back to school, for instance.
  • It can help protect you for the future if you're making significant changes for the marriage. For example, maybe you need to quit your career and move for your new spouse's job, and you want to make sure that your spouse will provide for you financially even after divorce. You can add that to the prenup, and it makes the change less of a gamble on your end.

Watch out for these ways that your spouse may hide assets

As your divorce looms, you start to worry. How long has your spouse been planning for this? Is he or she hiding assets to keep them from you?

Although your spouse has a legal obligation to honestly divulge all assets, there is a risk that he or she will attempt to skirt the law and keep these hidden assets out of your hands. You need to know how they may be hidden and what you can do to uncover them.

Four ways to protect your credit from a bitter ex

You’ve divorced from your sweetheart and you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life. Your ex, however, is not ready and seems to be out to sabotage you and your finances.

But with a little legwork and patience, you can quickly regain control of your assets and debts and keep them away from a would-be sabotager.

Discussing the ins and outs of spousal maintenance

If you and your spouse file for divorce, there will be many issues that you have to resolve before an agreement can be signed and approved by a court. Child custody and support will be at the top of the list if you have a son or daughter. Property division will be a major issue regardless of your circumstances. And in some cases, spousal maintenance may be involved in your divorce.

Determining spousal maintenance can be complicated, but there are a few factors that will be considered. The health of the spouses plays a role, as does the length of the marriage. You can also expect the financial potential of the two spouses to be considered, as well as the overall length of time the spousal maintenance should last.

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