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Does precedence go to vacation time or the child custody schedule

Even a child custody schedule that both parents agree on can lead to conflicts. It's incredibly important for parents to talk through everything in advance so that they can address issues up front.

One important point is deciding if the vacation schedule or the standard custody schedule takes precedence. This way, everyone knows their expected roles before that vacation arrives.

Before marriage, consider your attitudes about money

They say that roughly half of all marriages eventually lead to divorce, and they also note that financial issues are one of the leading reasons for divorce.

While every case is different, some financial experts believe that the root of the problem is that couples think about money differently and they do not have open and honest conversations about it before they tie the knot. Only after marriage does it become clear that they are not on the same page.

How to navigate a divorce as a stay-at-home mom

Going through a divorce is difficult during the best of circumstances. Navigating a divorce when you are a stay-at-home mom can be particularly daunting. You worry about protecting your kids, as well as how you are going to continue paying your bills.

The court system recognizes the contributions of stay-at-home moms. You have avenues to pursue fair compensation for your work as a wife and mother.

Traditional gender-based financial roles must end

In the past, traditional gender roles in a home meant that men worked and took care of finances, while women stayed home to take care of the kids and the house. This meant that a lot of women did not learn much about the family's financial picture, from income to taxes to retirement accounts.

The roles have changed. Women still work slightly less often than men, but they are far more heavily involved in the workplace than they were 50 years ago.

That prenuptial agreement may not hold up

You are frustrated that you signed a prenuptial agreement when you got married five years ago. You're now planning to get divorced, and you worry that the prenup is going to make it impossible to get what you want out of the split.

How sure are you that the prenup will even stand in court? Do not assume it will. It can get thrown out for a variety of reasons.

How can a court order help prevent a parental abduction?

Parents often feel like they have an intrinsic right to do whatever they desire with their own children. However, this is actually not the case in many situations. Parents who were never married or who got divorced may not see eye-to-eye, and then each parent has to respect the other person's rights.

In extreme cases, one parent may attempt to abduct his or her own child and leave the United States. A court order can be used to prevent this, so it is important that parents understand their rights and take steps to protect them before an issue arises.

Why don't men ask for alimony more often?

It's far more common for women to get alimony in a divorce than it is for men. In fact, one report claimed that there were 400,000 individuals in the country who got spousal support. A full 97 percent of them were women. A tiny 3 percent were men.

As you can see, it's not even close. It's almost unheard of for women to pay alimony to men.

How New York judges determine what's in a child's best interest

If you and your co-parent aren't able to reach an agreement on child custody and visitation during your divorce or you're seeking a change to your current agreement, you'll need to take the matter before a family court judge to decide. As in many states, the primary concern of judges here in New York is the "best interest" of the child.

Of course, all parents think they have their children's best interests at heart. However, if the decision is placed in a judge's hands, he or she has a good deal of leeway in determining what's in the child's best interests. State law mandates only that the "child's health and safety shall be the paramount concerns" for judges.

How to foster a sense-of-stability in children after divorce

As adults, we try our hardest to do what we feel is best for our children. We save for their education, choose organic over regular and even stay in a love-less marriage longer than we should. Every action, decision and choice is inextricably connected to the image of our children. We want them to be happy and they want us to be happy.

Divorce can be one of the hardest and most defining moments in a child’s life. Out of the many changes felt and experienced, it is normal to want to ensure your children remain as intact as possible. This means fostering a continual sense of love and security in their lives despite the introduction of new living arrangements and co-parenting plans.

2 ways that New York law caps low-income child support

Child support payments in New York are generally based around a percentage system. While each case is unique, the general rule of thumb is that a noncustodial parent who makes less than $143,000 every year has to pay about 17 percent of his or her annual income for just one child.

For two children, that jumps to 25 percent, and it increases to 29 percent for three children. For four children, it rises to 31 percent, and the minimum for five or more children is 35 percent.

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