Helping You Get Control Of Divorce Proceedings

Divorces, whether contested or amicable, are rarely simple and never easy. There are countless matters to consider, many of which can further complicate the process. If there are children involved, the emotional and financial toll can be even greater. Your lawyer can either exacerbate or alleviate the stress of a divorce. Our firm has significant litigation and negotiation experience in handling cases, from the most complex custody and financial issues to the simplest uncontested matter.

Attorney Patricia T. Bisesto has over two decades of experience in providing clients across New York with first-class representation that is dedicated to reaching favorable resolutions. We believe in partnering with clients and creating realistic goals together, then examining possible strategies for achieving those goals. Whether you're entangled in a contested or a no-fault divorce, we strive to place you in control of your situation.

A Realistic Approach To A Difficult Situation

At our firm, we believe in thorough preparation and in empowering our clients to make the necessary and beneficial choices during a divorce proceeding, particularly on the important issues of child custody and spousal maintenance.

We approach every situation by determining what is the best course of action for our clients, and when we have determined the appropriate strategy, we fight relentlessly to achieve those goals, whether in court or negotiating with opposing counsel.

Patricia T. Bisesto leverages her experience to provide comprehensive, compassionate counsel, aimed at both short- and long-term success. We believe in placing you in control of your destiny.

Working With Clients To Develop The Appropriate Solution

If you're considering a legal separation or are going through the divorce process, get in touch with our staff and schedule a consultation. Call our White Plains office at 914-948-5946 or use our contact form.