Modifying An Existing Child Support Agreement

While child support agreements are created with the future in mind, it's reasonable to expect that parents' lives and circumstances will change in the years following a divorce or a support agreement. Under current New York Child Support laws, there are various standards to meet in order to modify child support agreements or child different orders. At The Law Office of Patricia T. Bisesto, Esq., however, we can help clients navigate the issues and assist with Child Support Modifications.

Lead attorney Patricia T. Bisesto has nearly 25 years of experience in family law issues, guiding clients on all aspects, from divorce to custody and support questions. Our firm understands the stresses of dealing with the financial and emotional considerations of family law issues, and we provide steady, realistic counsel, including on matters of changing child support.

What Are The Circumstances That Allow For A Change In Child Support?

As per the Domestic Relations Law and Family Court Act, child support modifications may be based only on a "substantial change in circumstances," which means the following conditions must be met for a modification of the support agreement:

  • At least three years have passed since the original order was entered, last modified or adjusted
  • A 15 percent change in either party's income since the child support order was first entered, last modified or adjusted. Any reduction in income must be involuntary, and the party with reduced income must have made sincere attempts to obtain employment on par with their level of education, ability or experience
  • In cases where the parties "opt out" of modification in an executed agreement of stipulation, these rules are not applicable, but rather, a higher standard is applicable of an unanticipated change of circumstances

We specialize in assisting clients through difficult, complex cases. Whatever the case, we provide the same tough representation while keeping our clients' goals in mind. Whether we resolve issues through a collaborative approach or in court, we work diligently to obtain a beneficial outcome.

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