Working Toward Securing A Financially Viable Future For Your Children

People are often under the impression that child support can be determined by a simple calculation. While in New York, child support is governed by the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) and involves a formula, more often than not, child support questions are at the crux of any divorce matter.

For both the parent who expects to pay child support, and the one who expects to receive it, a child support agreement has the potential to have a significant impact on your finances and on your child's well-being and support. As such, it's imperative to retain the services of a lawyer who has a reputation for providing knowledgeable counsel and resolute advocacy.

Lead attorney Patricia T. Bisesto has over two decades of experience providing strong support to individuals embroiled in the divorce process, from questions on child support, to matters involving its enforcement and modifications down the road. Our goal is clients understand how much they can expect to pay and receive in child support, while accounting for any financial and personal factors along the way.

Dealing With The Challenges Of Child Support

The goal of child support is to provide the child with two households that have comparable means of financial support, creating similar standards and similar expectations. This typically means that the custodial parent receives child support. In situations which both parents have the same custody, the support is based on each parent's income.

However, there are additional considerations where a skilled attorney can make sure your interests are protected, including in matters of day care, health care expenses and college funds. No matter the situation, we strive to have our clients' financial interests respected while working toward establishing a solid financial plan for a child's upbringing.

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