How Will Relocating Impact Your Child Custody Agreement?

While child custody agreements are designed with future interests in mind, changes in life circumstances are inevitable. As such, when a parent is planning to move away, the agreement must be reevaluated in order to reflect the changing situation. Nevertheless, move-away child custody cases are among the most difficult to negotiate. In these cases, a skilled lawyer can help protect your custodial interests in light of a drastic change in your life circumstances.

Attorney Patricia T. Bisesto has over two decades of experience assisting individuals in New York with child custody matters, including assisting custodial and noncustodial parents with relocation. Whatever your circumstances, we strive to remain attentive of our clients' needs, goals and best interests as we work to modify a custody agreement to reflect your current needs.

Is A Relocation In Your Child's Best Interests?

When discussing the impact relocation will have on your child custody, ultimately, the biggest consideration is whether the move is in the best interests of your child. Will your child's life be improved economically and/or educationally as a result of the move?

Certain factors are considered, including the reasons for the move, be it for a new job or due to remarriage. If there is opposition from a parent, the underlying reasons are examined for their validity and weighed against the other parent's custodial interests. Additionally, it's important to determine whether such a move will deprive the noncustodial parent of "regular and meaningful access to the child."

Ultimately, a proposed relocation can have a large impact on both parents and children. Our firm can help you present your case and reasons in the strongest possible light. Whatever the situation, we work toward devising creative solutions while providing strong advocacy for your interests.

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