Creating Flexible, Beneficial Child Custody Arrangements

Matters involving children and custody have the potential to be the most emotional and contentious ones during a divorce process. Child custody can be a source of stress and fear for both parents who are seeking to protect their custodial interests. In such a situation, it's important to have an experienced, compassionate lawyer on your side. At The Law Office Of Patricia T. Bisesto, Esq., we approach every child custody case with the goal of protecting our clients' rights while acting with the safety and best interests of the children in mind.

For over two decades, lead attorney Patricia T. Bisesto has been assisting clients across New York with their family law needs, including every aspect of child custody proceedings, from establishing legal or physical custody to devising an equitable child access schedule and dealing with relocations.

Addressing Your Custody Interests

When a parent has legal custody of a child, they are entitled to access to all records concerning the health, education and welfare of that child. Generally, parents have joint legal custody, unless one parent is abusive or intimidates the child or the other spouse. Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to where the child will spend the majority of their time. We help clients address these issues, as well as questions of decision-making custody, a custody matter which addresses which parent makes final decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of the child.

Protecting You Against Allegations

Sometimes, in matters involving children, serious allegations may be levied back and forth between parents, in order to act in the own best interests and restrict the other parent's access to the children. In these situations, we act in conjunctions with investigators to determine if there is any merit to these allegations.

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